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Anti Gravity iPhone Case

Smooth to the touch and without any moving parts, the Anti Gravity Smartphone Case can stick to pretty much any flat surface like magic. No, wait. Not like magic. Like freaking Spider-Man.

Glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, painted surfaces, you name it. This sticky smartphone case does whatever a spider can. And it keeps your phone safe from the usual knocks and bumps in the process.

So how does it work? The iPhone Case Co. anti-gravity case is made from a thermoplastic elastomer that uses nano suction technology. Which means that smooth-feeling plastic surface is actually millions of miniature suction cups, bunched together as tightly as your own skin cells.

Touch this nano suction technology phone case to a non-porous surface and some of those suction cups will naturally stick to it, like a plunger to your brother’s forehead. Not all of them need to, just enough to hold the weight of the case and the phone – which isn’t all that many.

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